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How much do your cakes cost?
It really depends on the size, complexity, flavors, fillings, etc that you want. Fondant covered cakes are more expensive than buttercream. Fudge cake is more expensive than white or yellow. Stacked (tiered) cakes are more expensive than non-stacked cakes. You get the picture.

As a starting point, for a single-tier 10" round cake (serves about 35), three-layers, white cake with buttercream starts at $152. Standard-sized, birthday cupcakes with a swirl of vanilla buttercream start at $3.00 and mini-cupcakes start at $2.00. For wedding cakes and large tiered cakes, prices start at $6.00 per serving for buttercream and $7.00 per serving for fondant. Wedding cupcakes start at $3.50.

Do you have a minimum order?
The minimum order is $150 and is subject to change at any time, without notice. The minimum applies to an order for a specific day, but can consist of multiple types of items. For example, an order can consist of a small cake, cupcakes and cookies, if desired.

Why do your cakes cost more than a grocery store cake?
Unlike most grocery stores, I bake, ice, decorate, and clean up for every cake I create. I make all of my cakes, icings and most of my fillings from scratch. I need to shop for and purchase ingredients and equipment as needed for every cake ordered. In addition, there are the expenses of utilities, insurance, fees, advertising, etc. At a minimum, I spend four hours completing even the simplest cake. Long story short, that all adds up.

Do you make cakes with licensed characters such as Elmo, SpongeBob, etc.?
The short answer is no. It is illegal to reproduce and SELL any copywritten character, logo, etc, without permission of the copyright owner. Some copyright owners do give permission, while most, particularly for those that own popular characters (Disney, Nick, Marvel, etc), do not. So unfortunately, I cannot draw Dora on your child's cake. However, if you would like a trademarked/copywritten character or logo cake, we can use either an edible image or plastic toppers. Please make sure you give at least two weeks notice for these types of cakes as I need to order/locate the edible image or topper. If you have your own topper, that works too!

What is the Sweet and Simple Cake Collection?
The Sweet and Simple cake collection is a set of 6 pre-designed cakes great for a wedding or other special occasion. Each cake feeds 100 guests, is composed of one cake flavor and filling, and the outer icing of either fondant or buttercream. Since these cakes are pre-designed with minimal customization elements, they are less expensive than a truly custom cake. These cakes are only available over the phone or via email without a private consultation and/or tasting. Delivery within 20 miles of my location is included, and extra servings can be purchased if needed. For a complete description and details, please contact me via email.

Do you make gourmet cupcakes?
Sure! Unlike many cupcake shops, I let you "build your own" cupcake with cake, filling, and frosting. I do, however, require a minimum order of 3 dozen cupcakes to get two different cake choices, but you are welcome to mix and match fillings and buttercreams for smaller orders.

Do you have an edible image printer?
No, but if you have an edible image, I will gladly put it on a cake for you.

Do you make cupcake cakes or cupcake mosaics?
No, sorry. I make cakes, I make cupcakes, but no cupcake cakes.

Do you only make cakes like those posted in your gallery?
No, just because there is no example in my gallery doesn't mean it can't be done.

Can you make any cake I can dream up or that I see on TV?
Sadly no. There are so many techniques out there that I could never be able to do everything and do it well. I also do not have an art background so doing something like hand painting a replica of the Mona Lisa on a cake would not be possible.

Do you make allergen-free, gluten-free, low fat or sugar-free cakes?
No, sorry. I don't have the space to house multiple sets of equipment and don't want to run the risk of getting your loved one sick. Both of my boys have multiple food allergies, including milk, egg, peanuts and tree nuts, so I understand the consequences.

Do you offer tastings?
Yes. I do offer tastings for wedding and special occasion cakes priced at $500 or more. I hold tastings one or two Sundays of each month at small venue in the Southpoint area of Fredericksburg. These 45-minute appointments typically start at noon and run until 5pm.

During the appointment you can ask any questions you may have, and we can discuss design. I do ask that you give the basics of your wedding (number of invitees, colors, theme, reception location, etc) in advance of the appointment so I can prepare accordingly. If you are interested, please contact me via email to schedule a tasting.

How many people can I bring to my tasting?
A maximum of 4 people (no children except for breastfed infants) can attend the tasting. If more than 2 people will be attending the tasting please let me know this so I can set up the tasting table differently.

I am having a small event, but would still like to try your cake before placing my order. How can I do this?
I offer 6" undecorated, buttercream-iced cakes for instances like these. You can choose 1 cake flavor (marble is not a cake flavor), filling, and buttercream. These are $25 plus sales tax for Standard cake flavors and $30 plus sales tax for Specialty cake flavors.

Do your cakes require refrigeration?
Most cakes require refrigeration, as my buttercream icing has butter in it. If you cannot store the cake in the refrigerator or the cake will be at room temperature for a long period of time, please let me know so I can alter the icing recipe. However, even with the altered buttercream, the icing will not withstand heat or humidity, but can sit at room temperature.

Can you match specific colors?
I will try my best to match any color, but it may not be a perfect match and cannot be guaranteed. Please bring me a swatch or sample of color that you want me to try to match.

Do you rent cakes or decorate styrofoam cakes?
I do not rent cakes. As for decorating styrofoam cakes or a styrofoam tier, I would be happy to do that for you, but this is not a cost saving measure as it takes just as much time to decorate a "dummy" cake as the real thing.



How much lead time do I need to give you on an order?
Since I am the only person, I can only accommodate a certain number of orders, so the sooner you notify me the better. At a minimum, two weeks notice is required, however I have been booking up as much as 2-3 months in advance. Long story short, it's never too early to contact me!

Can I just stop by and discuss a cake idea with you?
Sorry, in-person consults are by appointment and for cakes/orders over $500 only.

Can I just stop by and pick up some goodies on my way home from work?
Sorry, I don't have goodies, cakes, etc ready at my house at all times. If I did, I would have to change the name of the business to Really Fat Girl Cakes!

What do I need to do to place an order?
Please contact me via email (preferred) or phone to place your order. I will need to know how many people you need to feed, cake flavors, fillings, design, style, etc. Once all the details are decided, a retainer will be due to reserve your cake.

I have placed an order, but I want to change it. Can you accomodate the changes?
Possibily. For non-wedding orders, changes can typically be accomodated if you contact me more than 2 weeks before pickup. You will be charged for any tools, work, etc. purchased/made for your cake that are no longer needed. If it is 2 weeks or less before pickup, changes will not be permitted.

For wedding orders, please refer to your contract.

Do you deliver?
Yes. For orders of $500 or more, delivery is included within a 20-mile radius. After that fees will apply. For orders under $500, fees apply.

How far will you deliver?
I have no set radius for delivery. Obviously, the further away you are from me the greater the delivery fee.

Where have you delivered cakes?
Besides personal residences and places of employment, I have delivered to the following locations:

Some of the Fredericksburg Locations

  1. Angelwood Inn
  2. Brock's Riverside Grill
  3. Cannon Ridge Golf Club
  4. Eden Try Estate
  5. Fredericksburg Country Club
  6. Fredericksburg Square
  7. Gary Melcher's Belmont
  8. The Gauntlet Golf Course
  9. Glen Gardens
  10. Grace Church of Fredericksburg
  11. The Grapevine Cafe
  12. Great Play
  13. The Inn at the Olde Silk Mill
  14. The Jepson Alumni Executive Center
  15. The Kenmore Inn
  16. Liberty Lanes
  17. New Life in Christ Church
  18. Richard Johnston Inn
  19. Riverside Dinner Theater
  20. Riverside Weddings and Events by Clore Brothers

Some of the venues outside the Fredericksburg Area

  1. Lake Anna Winery (Spotsylvania ,VA)
  2. Stevenson Ridge (Spotsylvania,VA)
  3. The Clubhouse at Lake of the Woods (Locust Grove, VA)
  4. The Clubhouse at Aquia Harbor (Stafford, VA)
  5. Potomac Point Winery (Stafford, VA)
  6. Rock Hill Plantation House (Stafford, VA)
  7. National Museum of the Marine Corps (Triangle, VA)
  8. Bristow Manor (Bristow, VA)
  9. Dockside Restaurant (Colonial Beach, VA)
  10. Waterford at Springfield (Springfield, VA)
  11. Ritchie Lake Pavillion (Bealton, VA)
  12. The Inn at Kelly's Ford (Remington, VA)
  13. Fauquier County Fairgrounds (Warrenton, VA)
  14. Molon Lave Vineyards (Warrenton, VA)
  15. Bull Run Golf Club (Haymarket, VA)
  16. Straight to the Point (Bumpass, VA)
  17. Stratford Hall (Stratford, VA)
  18. The Lodge at Lake Caroline (Ruther Glen, VA)
  19. Madison Ruritan Club (Ladysmith, VA)
  20. Old Hickory Golf Club (Woodbridge, VA)
  21. Mayhurst Inn (Orange, VA)
  22. Prince William Forest Park (Quantico, VA)
  23. St. Ignatius Church (Port Tobacco, MD)

How should I transport my cake?
You should place the cake on the floor or any flat surface in your car, instead of your lap or seat. I will provide you with a small piece of anti-skid material for you to place underneath the cake to keep it from moving. You should also be mindful that you have a cake in the car, so no sharp turns or sudden braking!

Do you ship any of your goodies?
I will gladly ship cookies or truffles to a someone in the state of VA. Since I do not have a commercial kitchen approved by the FDA, I can not legally ship across state lines. Additional fees will apply.



What types of payments do you accept?
Credit Cards (MC, Visa, AMEX, and Discover), PayPal, Money Orders, Certified Checks, or cash. Personal checks will be accepted only if received two or more weeks before delivery/pickup. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Fat Girl Cakes. Fee for returned checks is $75.

Do you require a retainer on all orders?

For non-wedding cake orders, a $100 non-refundable retainer is due to reserve your cake. The remainder of the balance is due 2 weeks before your pickup date. If the balance is not paid before that 2 week timeframe, $25 will be added to your balance. If the balance is not paid at least 1 week before pickup, your order will not be fulfilled.

For wedding cakes, a $200 retainer and a signed contract is due to reserve your date. The remainder of the balance is due 4 weeks before your event. If the balance is not paid before that 4 week timeframe, $75 will be added to your balance. If the balance is not paid in cash with 5 days of the due date on your contract, your order will not be fulfilled. Wedding cakes ordered one month or less in advance will incur a rush fee and the entire balance must be paid via credit card or in cash.

Are the retainers/payments refundable?
Non-Wedding Cakes
Retainer on orders cancelled 2 weeks or more from the pickup/delivery date are not refundable or transferrable. All payments on orders cancelled less than 2 weeks beforehand will be forfeited and are non-transferrable.

Wedding Cakes
Retainer and tasting fees are non-refundable or transferrable.
Any other cake payments on orders cancelled 4 weeks or more from the pickup/delivery date will be partially refunded, depending on when it is cancelled and the tools purchased. All payments on orders cancelled less than 4 weeks beforehand will be forfeited and are non-transferrable.



I requested a quote via a website like or why didn't you respond?
Those sites cost money for me to respond to quote requests. Please use the Contact form on my website.

Why can't I find you on
The Knot requires membership and a large fee to become part of its network. Being such a small business, it's just not cost effective.

Do you have a preferred method of communication?
Yes, e-mail! With children at home with me, and me often in the middle of making a cake, it's difficult to communicate on the telephone. I usually respond to e-mails within 24-48 hours, but it may take longer if you email me towards the end of the week or over the weekend. Occasionally emails get lost in cyber space (especially when using the fillable form), so if you don't hear back from me within 72 hrs or so, email me again or give me a call.

Are you a licensed and insured baker?
Fat Girl Cakes LLC was incorporated on January 21, 2009 in the state of Virginia and holds a State inspection report for the kitchen. Since Fat Girl Cakes is such a small business, Spotsylvania County does not require a business license, so the inspection report serves as my business license. And yes, Fat Girl Cakes is insured.

Do you have any pets in your home?
I do not have any pets.

Did you go to culinary school?
Nope. I just love to bake!

Where did the name of your business come from?
Originally I was going to call my business Kristin's Kreations, but found it boring and felt it was something that could get lost in a sea of sameness. Anyway, when I took one of my very first cake orders, I called the customer and told her it was Kristin. She had no idea who I was, and I said I was the Cake Girl. I liked that name, but I know of at least one other shop that has that name, so I tried to come up with something that represented me and my personality. It was then that I came up with Fat Girl cakes. Please do not take offense to the name, it's all in good fun!

Still can't find an answer to your question? Feel free to contact me!


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